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About Willowbrook Homes

Our passion is to build the unique. To work with building techniques that are outside the standard so-called box. From architectural to mechanical, we believe each project is one that has a heartbeat of its own. We aspire to constantly connect with like-minded craftsmen and women, vendors and suppliers to offer something catered to you. Whether it’s a desire for net zero or building an architectural masterpiece we want to share that with you.


The idea is that the construction of a house can be assembled through preplanning and a good consistent group of people. Assembly of a project is one thing when the right people come together for a one of a kind project. The variables that exist in housing construction start with the lay of the land, to the unique aspects of a house. While we believe all houses should be unique, there is never enough said about the value of strategy in structure to aesthetics through value engineering. Aesthetics, and performance - these should never waiver, both style and function can be achieved through the right eyes without paying a fortune. Custom houses are tricky, they are “one of a kind”. The challenge starts with contractors giving it their “best approach”. Custom builders should have and be competent or innovative in the problem solving process. These are costly and time consuming given the right or wrong approach.

Ask any good and qualified tradesperson and there will be numerous stories about projects that haven’t made sense. From the time and effort to the end result, there is always something about the design to effort ratio. We think it is possible to build and offer you something that performs well, that is cost effective, and comes with customization in mind.


As we enter into new territories of markets, environment, employment, and wealth, we believe we can offer stability and peace of mind to one of the largest investments most people make in their lives, while keeping aesthetics in mind.

Customizability also comes with not only the design of your house, but how far you would want to see your project go. We believe that there is a market demand for levels of contractor engagement. What we are offering is quality and peace of mind when it comes to the structure, envelope, windows, performance and mechanical etc. We don’t believe it is always necessary for us to be involved with your project right to the end. These days you can go to a kitchen manufacturer, flooring supplier, and a finishing carpenter and put together your customizable interior. We want to offer you a structure that is strong, weather tight, energy efficient and put together by people that care.

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